Systematic Global Macro Multi-asset Absolute return

Gourishankar is a mixture of programs currently offered by CTA Bjorn Henrik Hallenborg and therefore a multi strategy that combines long and short term trends and strategies to smooth out the equity curve. The model invests in the four programs La Cucaracha, Hedgehog, Micro Macro and FX Momentum.

By using different strategies in conjunction on each market, the drawdown periods can be limited to generate risk-adjusted return. The model has no correlation with any indices; the outcome depends entirely on the manager’s ability to take advantage of uptrends and downtrends in commodities, currencies and equities.

An investment in Gourishankar is uncorrelated to the general markets. It could be a part in a diversified portfolio or a standalone investment for retirement. The total risk in Gourishankar could be considered lower than any of the individual programs promoted by HASAFUMA.